We perform all of our surgical procedures in the office under local anesthesia. More extensive surgical procedures are referred to the appropriate specialist, depending on the condition.

  • Skin biopsy – we typically employ three techniques:
    • shave removal
    • punch biopsy
    • excision

  • Simple excisions
    • We perform shave removal in addition to excision when appropriate for that particular lesion. This less invasive procedure is often preferred.

  • Moles
    • A changing mole is probably one of the most common reasons for urgent appointments to the office. Skin self-examinations on a regular basis are recommended as up to 50% of skin cancers are found by the individual.

  • Early skin cancers
    • We can treat most skin cancers in our office. Treatment options will discussed, and fortunately there are now non-surgical options that offer similar cure rates with less disfigurement. We will also discuss strategies to prevent new skin cancers moving forward. As an example, studies have shown up to 40% of individuals with basal cell carcinoma will develop a new skin cancer within 5 years.

  • Cryosurgery (freezing)
    • This technique is commonly used for treatment of benign lesions, as it is typically non-scarring.

  • Electrodessication
    • This technique employs a fine wire to transmit heat through a cautery unit to remove skin tags, broken blood vessels, and other small lesion amenable to this modality.

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