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Common Summer Skin Problems and How to Solve Them

Summer is a season when most of us enjoy the outdoors soak up some sun. Sunlight in moderation can be healthy for the skin and for the rest of the body. It activates the skin cells to manufacture vitamin D, which is essential for the synthesis of essential minerals such as magnesium and calcium. Although the sun is good for your skin in small doses, too much of it can lead to skin problems. Here are some dermatological issues you may experience during summer and how to solve them.

Sunburns, Sun Allergy & Melasma

Woman With Shoulder SunburnMelasma, sunburns and sun allergy are some issues many people experience during the summer.. Melasma is a condition that predominantly affects women between the ages of 20 and 55. It is characterized by tan, brown or grey-blue patches on the forehead, cheeks and jawline. Its primary cause is exposure to the sun, but genetic and hormonal issues can play a part. Over-the-counter creams can be used to treat melasma, but to prevent flare-ups, you should consider wearing hats and using sunscreen when you’re outdoors.

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