Same-Day Dermatology Appointments

same day dermatology appointmentsThese days we are used to same-day services in nearly all industries. However, the healthcare industry sometimes struggles with making same-day or even same week appointments. Unless it’s an emergency and you find yourself needing a trip to the emergency room, it can be difficult to see a doctor quickly.

If you’re worried about your health, or the health or your child or partner, waiting for an appointment can be painstaking. For dermatology, being able to get into the office on the same day is incredibly convenient. At APDKC, we offer patients the option to make same-day appointments.

We find that when patients are able to make an appointment on the same day, or at the very least, the same week, they are more likely to show up and take care of their health. Same day appointments eliminate last minute cancelations and no-shows. We understand that life happens and forgetfulness occurs. Additionally, we know being able to get into our office quickly increases patient satisfaction and increases new patients seeking out our offices. We are first and foremost in the business of dermatological health, but making our patients happy while we care for them is our goal.

Our patients experience a range of dermatology ailments, some of which can be serious and need to be seen quickly. Even cosmetic dermatology may come with a sense of urgency. We want our patients to know that they are our priority. We want to be known as being accessible and caring. 

In order for our same-day schedule to operate well, our office is detail-oriented and dedicated to creating a seamless schedule. In order to get a same day appointment, please take the following steps:

  • Call Early In The Morning. We answer our phones from 8:00 AM Monday through Thursday. For the most availability, it is best to call first thing in the morning. If it isn’t possible, we will still work our hardest to squeeze you in and see you that day. If you call Friday through Sunday or on Holidays, your message will be listened to and answered the next business day.
  • Call the Main Office Line. Call us at (913) 469-1115 and we will schedule your appointment.
  • Talk to a “Live” Person. In order to speak to someone directly, push “1” when prompted and be connected to the reception desk in order to begin the process of being seen that day.

At Adult & Pediatric Dermatology, our caring professionals are here to help. You no longer have to wait to see us. Call us today for your same-day appointment. 

Adult and Pediatric Dermatology
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