Direct Pay

We are pleased and excited to announce the new changes to our dermatology practice.   This new innovative practice model is a rapidly growing trend that has gained national attention.  It delivers a superior level of care in a time efficient manner that also saves money

Direct Pay allows us to accept any and all patients.  We offer a simple, reasonable, and transparent fee schedule listed below.  Our goal is to offer superior patient care and streamline the office visit experience.   We introduced a new scheduling system that is designed to reduce paperwork, and provide timely appointments for urgent skin issues. To achieve this, we no longer participate with Medicare or private insurance plans. 

With this new Direct Pay model, patients pay for their visit at the time of service. We have created the fee schedule to be affordable and reasonable.  We will not require sign-up fees or membership fees. This makes our model different from a concierge practice which requires those fees. If you have a high deductible or high co-pay insurance plan, the new model may result in less out of pocket expenditure.  Most private insurances have out of network benefits, so we will be able to provide you a statement of service that you can submit to your insurance plan for reimbursement. If you have Medicare, you cannot be reimbursed for any of our services.

If you have questions specific to you and your family, please call 913-469-1115 during regular business hours.  We look forward to working with you in our new practice!

David L. Kaplan, M.D.     Linly Stevens, P.A.-C       Jennifer Davisson, MAPC


Appointments are scheduled to provide you adequate time to discuss your concerns. Office visits charges are based on the time spent with your provider.  If your visit requires additional procedures such as a biopsy and/or freezing, there will be a small additional charge as noted below.  These additional charges will be discussed prior to doing the procedure.  Any outside testing such as laboratory, x-ray or pathology will be sent to the facility of your choice.  

Charges are determined by the time scheduled with the provider:

Dr. Kaplan Appt                 Linly Stevens/Jennifer Davisson Appt

$100- $125                                     $75 - $100

  Additional charges to office visit charge include:

·   Treatment of lesions by freezing or cautery: $25 up to 10 lesions, $25 each     additional 10 lesions

·  Skin biopsy $50 for each lesion

·  Intralesional injections $25 up to 10 lesions, $25 each additional 10 lesions

·  Intramuscular injections $25

·  Surgeries: benign and malignant lesions will be discussed based on individual lesion, size, and location

Requests for change in therapy may have a $25 administrative fee

The following will be billed separately through your insurance to the laboratory or facility that you designate: Pathology, Laboratory, X-ray

Cash, checks, Care Credit and all major credit cards are accepted.