Dermatologic Services

Medical  Dermatology Services

Our office provides all the traditional services for medical dermatology. Our emphasis is on difficult to treat and/or diagnose skin conditions.  
o    Acne
o    Eczema
o    Psoriasis
o    Rosacea
o    Pediatric Dermatology
o    Skin Cancer Screening
o    Skin Cancer
o    Hair Loss


Surgical Dermatology

We perform all of our surgical procedures in the office under local anesthesia.  More extensive surgical procedures are referred to the appropriate specialist depending on the condition.
o    Skin biopsy
o    Simple excisions
      o    Moles
      o    Early skin cancers
      o    Skin tags
o    Cryosurgery (freezing)


Cosmetic Dermatology

We perform the following cosmetic services in our office.
o    BOTOX® Cosmetic
o    Fillers
o    Vein Therapy